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Heather Gilbert is a Deaf Rights attorney and the only practicing attorney in Minnesota who is also a court-certified sign language interpreter.

At Gilbert Law PLLC, we bring our personal attention to every case and focus on providing the highest quality services to our clients, no matter what type of legal matter they may be facing. This means tailoring our services, our approach, and our technique in order to fulfill the unique and sensitive needs of every client. Some of our clients use American Sign Language, Pigeon Sign English, Signed Exact English, Cued Speech, or do not use gestural modes of communication and use solely oral or written modes of communication. We provide legal services in English, American Sign Language, PSE, SEE, CART, as well as through typing, email, and other modes of communication for individuals who may be deaf or hard of hearing.

Communication Ease with ASL Fluent Lawyer

Audio Transcription

I hired Heather and Gilbert Law. I’m deaf. It was very beneficial that Heather knows American Sign Language because I was able to have direct communication with her. I had a very positive experience. They were able to provide the emotional support that I needed. They were able to tell me what was going on, what the proper protocols were, what to expect in this process. With other attorneys, I would have to work through a sign language interpreter, and I don’t want to do that. I would rather have direct communication in my first language. I was involved in a very complicated family case and things needed to be done quickly. The case is closed and I’m satisfied. I highly recommend Gilbert Law if you need the convenience of direct communication, definitely go to Gilbert Law.

Disability Discrimination Case

Audio Transcription

I am deaf and my wife can hear. We reached out to Gilbert Law because we were discriminated against at a hospital.

When we first contacted Gilbert Law, I was upset and angry with the fact that my husband was unable to participate in the birth of our first child. He missed everything. There was no interpreter for him. He missed the cesarean birth of our son. Everything just made me sick to my stomach. Gilbert Law was wonderful in advocating for us and our needs. And they’re great to make sure that other deaf people and their families get the access that they deserve.

I was impressed that Heather and the hospital came to a settlement agreement and was able to change multiple policies to make sure that deaf people have more access going forward so that what happened to me doesn’t happen to them. We would highly recommend deaf people to contact Gilbert Law if they experience any type of discrimination. Definitely contact Heather.

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Gilbert Law PLLC provides the highest quality legal services while being sensitive to the unique communication and accommodation needs of clients with hearing loss. For a case evaluation or to set up an appointment, ASL users may call our video phone at (651) 964-2024 or use our “Contact Us” form and we will be in touch with you.