Employment Law

Our Twin Cities employment law attorneys dedicate their energy towards advocating for employees’ rights, including employees who have been treated illegally. Our firm’s employment law lawyers assist clients in cases involving:

Sexual Harassment and Retaliation
If you’ve faced sexual harassment or sexual assault in the workplace, you’re not alone. Sexual harassment and sexual assault occur in a variety of ways, but at its core they involve a person’s right to safe and comfortable at work, and free of undesired sexual contact or advances.
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Discrimination and Wrongful Termination
While your employer can fire you without cause, your employment cannot be unlawfully ended. Legally, wrongful termination is when an employer violates the terms of your employment contract, public policy, or an individual law.
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Separation/Severance Agreements
If you’re voluntarily leaving a job or you are terminated, your executive severance package’s terms have a significant impact on your financial and occupational future. Gilbert Law can wisely negotiate the terms of your severance agreement to ensure the deal serves your best interests.
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Minnesota Employment FAQs
Our expert legal advice helps employees decide their next steps if they think that they are wrongfully terminated or believe that their employer has discriminated or retaliated against them.
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