Recent Discrimination Settlement Agreements Bring Positive Results

Spring and Summer 2017 have been very successful seasons for Gilbert Law. In the past four months alone, Gilbert Law has:

  • Settled 3 deaf discrimination cases with medical facilities in Minnesota and Wisconsin;
  • Settled 3 employment discrimination cases involving age and gender discrimination; and
  • Settled 1 deaf discrimination case with multiple governmental entities in North Dakota.

By fighting to end discrimination and oppression on behalf of protected classes throughout the Midwest, we aim to ensure justice and equality for all people.

We have also expanded our pursuit to end discrimination and safeguard individuals’ rights by not only working hard to end discrimination against Deaf and hard-of-hearing people, but also ending discrimination based on gender, age, and people who are Blind or who have low-vision.

From settling a multi-plaintiff lawsuit against a Minnesota Fortune 500 Company for gender discrimination to reaching a settlement with a Minnesota school for age discrimination claims, we are excited to continue the fight against discrimination in all forms and seek justice and equality for all.

Specific Changes Resulting from Settlement Agreements

Our tireless advocacy and relentless fight for our clients’ rights has not only brought justice to our clients’ personal lives, but has also resulted in changes that will positively impact our community and the lives of people with disabilities at large. Here are just a few examples of the impacts that have directly resulted from our settlement agreements:

  • Lake Region Healthcare in northwestern Minnesota commits to providing on-call ASL interpreters for deaf patients and companions and to is committed to not depending on family members to interpret. LRHC also promises to provide training to its employees on working with deaf and hard of hearing patients,
  • A Wisconsin healthcare system commits to providing qualified on-call, on-site ASL interpreters for deaf patients and companions and to ensuring its deaf patient receives onsite interpreters for future appointments.
  • The Jamestown Police Department and Stutsman County Jail in North Dakota commits to providing qualified ASL interpreters for deaf or hard-of-hearing inmates while in their custody and during court hearings, and allowing deaf or hard-of-hearing inmates to use videophones and accessible phones equal to the access hearing inmates receive to place calls.

Contact our firm if you are experiencing discrimination or barriers when accessing your employment, healthcare or legal situations. 651-340-9642 or complete our Contact Us Form here.

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