Sexual Harassment and Retaliation

If you’ve faced sexual harassment or sexual assault in the workplace, you’re not alone. Sexual harassment and sexual assault occur in a variety of ways, but at its core they involve a person’s right to be safe and comfortable at work, and free of undesired sexual contact or advances.

Sexual harassment and sexual assault are forms of sex discrimination and violate civil rights. Actions can range from verbal comments to physical touching or to assault. Although many believe sexual harassment and sexual assault are done by male bosses against female employees, sexual harassment occurs between combinations of all genders – male against female, male against male, female against female, or female against female (including nonbinary) – and it happens throughout many work or work-related environments involving co-workers in a variety of relationships.

Federal and Minnesota state laws guard employees from sexual harassment, sexual assault, and resulting wrongful termination or retaliation. Understanding the definition of sexual harassment is key to knowing what rights you have, and when you should contact a lawyer.