Minnesota Employment FAQs

Can my employer terminate my job, and how can I protect myself?

Our expert legal advice helps employees decide their next steps if they think that they are wrongfully terminated or believe that their employer has discriminated or retaliated against them.

What is at-will employment?

At-will employment means that an employer can terminate its employees at any time for no reason or any reason, aside from an illegal one and without violating the law. Illegal reasons include termination resulting from disability, race, gender, age, or whistleblowing. Conversely, “at-will employment” allows an employee to leave a job at any time and for no reason without facing legal consequences.

How long does a lawsuit take, if filed?

After filing, a lawsuit and ensuing litigation typically takes between nine months to over a year from filing your formal complaint that describes what happened to you and your legal claims. If you or your employer appeal your case, or if there are other delays, the lawsuit may take longer. However, most cases settle early before trial.

What are the chances my case will settle?

While every case is different and each should be evaluated by our attorneys who examine your specific facts and circumstances, about 95% of all cases are resolved before trial.

When my case is successful, what damages is my employer required to pay?

The claims you’ve filed and the harm you’ve experienced determine your awarded damages. These include compensation for wage loss, both past and future, and any emotional pain and suffering caused by your employer. Gilbert Law’s expert attorneys can evaluate your claims, explain your damages, and present your options. We have experienced employment law attorneys who have represented employees on contingency.