Estate planning and probate administration can be a stressful time with decisions you don’t feel prepared to make. At Gilbert Law, we have experienced staff that know the law, understand the process, and have helped hundreds of clients complete the process so nothing will stand in your (or loved ones’) way.

Estate Planning

Gilbert Law advises individuals and couples on estate planning options.  The basic estate planning package includes a Will, Statutory Power of Attorney, and Healthcare Directive starting at a flat fee of $575 for an individual or $1100 for a married couple.  Additional fees may apply for testamentary trusts, living trusts, deeds, and additional documents such as a Designation for a Standby Custodian or a Power of Attorney For Guardian of Minors.

The typical process includes two meetings.  At the first meeting, we consult with you about important questions such as: How do you want your assets distributed at the time of death? Who do you wish to care for your minor children? Will you want a trust fund for children or grandchildren in the event of your death?  We discuss your wishes for a health care agent, power of attorney, and who you want to appoint as your personal representative to administer your estate.   This information gathering session will provide you with all the information you need to make valuable, informed decisions that will significantly assist your family or closest ones after you have passed away.  After the first meeting, Gilbert Law will draft your documents and send them to you to review to ensure they are consistent with your wishes.  At the document execution meeting, we will review your documents with you and provide two witnesses and a notary to observe you sign your documents.

For clients wishing to establish a Living Trust, Gilbert Law also provides the service of establishing trust documents and seeding assets to your trust.  Our experienced attorneys draft warranty and/or quit claim deeds as well as amendments and codicils to changes you need down the road.  Please contact our firm for additional estate planning information.

While Gilbert Law no longer handles estate administration or filing for probate matters, we can refer you to several probate attorneys with whom we frequently refer our clients.