We work hard in the fight for equality and justice for disabled people. As the only attorney in Minnesota who is a court-certified sign language interpreter, Attorney Heather Gilbert has the experience and expertise of working with people from many backgrounds and disabilities. We are advocates for justice and equal rights. We will fight to gain you the justice for which you are entitled, which may include compensation for emotional harm and corrective action.

We see your success as our success, so when you have us in your corner, you know you are going to get one-on-one, personalized attention.

Disability discrimination is a real problem that we see every day. The Americans With Disabilities Act and the Minnesota Human Rights Act prohibit employers, state and local government, and public places in our community from discriminating against you because of your disability. Many employers, government agencies and public places are required to provide reasonable accommodation and barrier-free access. These laws apply to nonprofit organizations as well.

Discrimination appears in many forms including failure to provide a reasonable accommodation, harassment, retaliation, or simply treating you different than a non-disabled person just because of your disability.  No person should feel like a second class citizen.  Gilbert Law is here to fight for your rights.

We represents disabled people with claims such as:

Employment Discrimination: Failure to hire/failure to make reasonable accommodations/Retaliation/Harassment.

Public Accommodations Discrimination: Failure of organizations, companies or institutions to make programs or benefits accessible for disabled people.

Housing Discrimination: Refusal to rent/failure to accommodate/discriminatory loan terms based on disability.

Barrier in Buildings and/or Transportation: Failure to make lawful accommodations for physical disabilities.

Barriers to Communication Access: Failure to make information accessible for d/Deaf, d/Deafblind, hard of hearing, or hearing-impaired individuals.

Select Representative Cases:

Saunders et. al. v. Mayo Clinic, No. CIV. 13-1972 JNE/HB, 2015 WL 774132 (D. Minn. Feb. 24, 2015); Deaf patient and her Deaf companion prevailed on a denial of Mayo Clinic’s motion for summary judgment.

Nathanson et. al. v. Spring Lake Park Panther Youth Football Ass’n, 129 F. Supp. 3d 743 (D. Minn. 2015). Deaf parents and their two Deaf sons prevailed on a denial of football association’s motion to dismiss.  The matter was settled for monetary damages and corrective action requiring football association to provide ongoing effective communication for all future deaf football players and their deaf parents.

Read v. City of Oakdale, Before the Department of Human Rights, Probable Cause Finding of Disability Discrimination, $30,000 Settlement and Corrective Action Procedures to Provide Effective Communication for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Detainees.

Letourneau v. Bank of America, Before the Department of Human Rights, $150,000 Settlement and Corrective Action Procedures to Provide Effective Communication for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Customers.

Zimmerman et. al. v. Essentia Health,  15-CV-02441 United States District Court of Minnesota, $129,000 Settlement and Corrective Action Procedures to Provide On-Call ASL Interpreters for Deaf Patients and Companions.

You have rights, and we are here to defend them. By putting Gilbert Law in your corner, you will have a disability attorney who will be relentless in pursuit of your goals while making sure that you are heard, understood, and given the opportunity you deserve.

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