Minnesota’s Deaf-Friendly Law Firm

Heather Gilbert is a Deaf Rights attorney and the only practicing attorney in Minnesota that is also a court-certified sign language interpreter.


At Gilbert Law PLLC, we aim to bring our personal attention to every case and our law firm focuses on providing the highest quality services to our clients for whatever type of legal matter. This means tailoring our services, our approach, and our technique in order to fulfill the unique and sensitive needs of every client.  Some of our clients use American Sign Language, Pigeon Sign English, Signed Exact English, Cued Speech, or do not use gestural modes of communication and use soley oral or written modes of communication.  We provide legal services in English, American Sign Language, PSE, SEE, CART, through typing, email, and many other modes of communication for individuals that are deaf or hard of hearing.

Gilbert Law provides the highest quality legal services while being sensitive to the unique communication and accommodation needs of clients with hearing loss.

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